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Name:Mr. Gale [Marketing]
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WhatsApp: 087855777889 087855777889
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Address:Ruko Sentra Eropa 3 Blok AC No. 11
Balikpapan 76125, Kalimantan Timur
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Registration Date:Mar. 20, 2013
Last Updated:Apr. 01, 2014
Business Nature:Service of Transportation category

Company Brief

PT GLOBAL MITRA INDONESIA is one of Shipping, Forwarding and Stevedoring Company in Indonesia by its extensive experience and professionalism. The Company is focusing in business services such us Shipping, Forwarding, Stevedoring Service, Tug and Barge Services, Heavy Equipment Support, Grabs Rental, and Export Documentations.

We are doing for Forwarding and Stevedoring Services for all cargo commodity, especially for transshipment of Coal in Indonesia. Kalimantan region has a high demand for the transshipment. To achieve what the Customers needs, we get in the several services involve such as :


• Sufficient heavy equipment such dozers are provided to support loading activities on barges and board vessel, trimming in ship’ s holds are included.
• Sufficient mooring lines/ gangs are served to berth/ un-berth the barges to and from the mother vessel.
• Sufficient fenders are provided to avoid or minimize the impact of barge and ship’ s hull.
• Our own LCT supported as carrier for heavy and other equipments to vessel on her arrival and from vessel after completion of loading in timely. It will be effect to minimize un necessary time losses of vessel’ s stay.
• If the cargo readiness, weather, Ship’ s crane condition, Grabs capacity and condition it self. Our loading rate about 8, 000 – 10, 000 MT/ day SHINC


Integrated transport solution, serve from availability of Tug & Barges, well coordinated operation at jetties, loading / discharging cargo supervisor.

• Supporting by 230, 270 and 300 feet of size
• 2 weeks up to 3 weeks notice are required to fulfill your requirement.
• Freight cost will be competitive as tonnage basis ( metric ton) and subject to distance and location of jetties to loading point etc.


Unit is 4 sets such 6/ 8/ 10 and 12 Cbm capacity with semi hydraulic and radio remote control systems and adjustable grabs.
• Designed for Loading rate for
6/ 08 Cbm : 6, 000 MT – 8, 000 MT/ day
8/ 10 Cbm : 8, 000 MT – 10, 000 MT/ day
10/ 12 Cbm : 10, 000 MT – 12, 000 MT/ day


• Custom arrangement, before until completion of loading.
• Certificate of Origin from Commercial chambers arrangement.
• Commercial invoices if requested. etc


We provide chartering vessel service for any type of vessels such as Cargo vessel, LCT, Tugboat & Barge, Offshore vessel, oil barge and oil tanker. We provide marine transportation using our own tugboats and barges for offshore marine services. The company operates a fleet of modern tugs. Barges are used for lighterage and transport of general cargo, heavy-lifts, structures and other oversized cargo. Tugs can be used for general towage and berthing.


Unit is 8 sets Bulldozer KOMATSU D 3 P for support shipment Coal and Iron Ore.

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